The last time I posted to this blog was a little over a year ago. Since then, my life has changed a bit and my love of writing has taken a back seat to the reality of being a recent college undergraduate on the job search to a graduate student with a full time position. […]

Hot off the Press, Catherine Jerome’s third novel in her intertwining — yet standalone — series of books will now be available at other sales channels including bookstores and online retailers, libraries and academic institutions and CreateSpace Direct! If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, now’s the time to do so! Don’t forget to […]

Catherine Jerome’s fourth novel in her intertwining — yet standalone — series of books, Not Like the Movies is due out in print and for Kindle on the Amazon platform TOMORROW! To celebrate the novel’s release, all previous Jerome tomes, Spinster, Please Do Not Touch the Talent and Hot off the Press will be FREE all […]

This article, written by Vinay Menon for the Toronto Star embodies everything you love to hate about celebrity. Menon covered the release for Selena Gomez’s upcoming album Stars Dance. Some of the highlights include: Strolling into The Hazelton Hotel in Yorkville, [Menon] text[s] Selena Gomez’s publicist. Minutes earlier, as I was parking, she had texted […]

In lead up to the release of Not Like the Movies this month, all previous novels will be FREE on the Amazon Kindle platform. The release schedule is as follows: Hot off the Press — June 2–3, 2013 Please Do Not Touch the Talent — June 4–5, 2013 Spinster (2nd edition) — June 6–7, 2013 […]

Not Like the Movies, the next installment in the intertwining series of books (following Spinster, Please Do Not Touch the Talent and Hot Off the Press), follows Olivia Black as she navigates life after divorce and is thrust into the middle of the publicity relationship between actors Julian Baker and Caitlin Jones. A synopsis of […]

Dear Readers, I take all reviews to heart. Writing is a difficult process, but it is one in which I take great pride and I don’t feel comfortable releasing material that is sub par. As such, Spinster, the novel that  started it all for me has been rewritten. The second edition is now available on […]