stock-footage-film-rolling-out-of-a-film-reelCatherine Jerome is a 2012 university graduate currently enjoying a desk job and pondering application to graduate schools across the United States of America and other varying English speaking nations — she wishes she was fluent in other languages, but alas is not and would not be able to navigate an ESL (English Second Language) foreign country.  While biding her time clicking on her endless keyboard in her office, she wrote Spinster, the story of another recent university graduate navigating the waters of 21st century dating (i.e. finding a partner-in-crime outside of high school, college or the internet). Easier said than done, but hopefully with a few laughs along the way. Spinster is Jerome’s first novel.

Jerome’s second novel Please Do Not Touch the Talent was released in November 2012 and her followup, Hot off the Press was released in January 2013. You can “borrow” Spinster, Please Do Not Touch the Talent and Hot off the Press for free as an Amazon Prime member, or purchase on the same platform as a Kindle reader for only $.99. Amazon also provides a free Kindle application for smartphones and PCs. Jerome’s fourth novel, Not Like the Movies, was released in August 2013  and can be previewed here. Not Like the Movies provides a sneak peak into Jerome’s fifth novel, Couples Retreat, to be released in early 2014. Learn more about the novel here.

image from: nald.ca