She Hasn’t Been Writing… But Now She’s BACK!


The last time I posted to this blog was a little over a year ago. Since then, my life has changed a bit and my love of writing has taken a back seat to the reality of being a recent college undergraduate on the job search to a graduate student with a full time position. A few months ago, I received a kind inquiry from a reader asking when my next book would be released. I couldn’t believe it: I literally thought the only people bothering to read my books were blood relations. I immediately started work on Not Quite a Marriage, a book that I hadn’t started, that I’d only been conjuring in my mind between writing two other novels of which I’ve hit stumbling blocks.

I’m happy to say that Not Quite a Marriage is done. I’m currently editing and hope for it to be ready for release next week. I will be emailing that lovely reader an ARC. If you’d like one as well, please feel free to send me a Facebook message. I hope to have the artwork and the synopsis on the website in the next few days.

Don’t forget to review my novels–good, bad, meh; reviews help other readers find books! As always, HAPPY READING!


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