“Spinster” 2nd Edition Released

stock-footage-film-rolling-out-of-a-film-reelDear Readers,

I take all reviews to heart. Writing is a difficult process, but it is one in which I take great pride and I don’t feel comfortable releasing material that is sub par. As such, Spinster, the novel that  started it all for me has been rewritten. The second edition is now available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback form. While the bones of the story remain the same, it is my hope that the characters and overall execution of the story have been respectively, fleshed out and sharpened. For those of you that read the first edition and enjoyed it, THANK YOU. Your Amazon and GoodReads reviews are immensely appreciated. For those of you that did not, it is my hope that you will not turn yourself off to enjoying any of my further stories and that you give the characters of Spinster a chance to win you back. Either way, any interest shown to my novels, whether it has dwindled or not, is greatly appreciated. As always, happy reading!


Catherine Jerome

image from: nald.ca


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