“Not Like the Movies” FINISHED and Ready for Release in June 2013!

stock-footage-film-rolling-out-of-a-film-reelNot Like the Movies, the next installment in the intertwining series of books (following Spinster, Please Do Not Touch the Talent and Hot Off the Press), follows Olivia Black as she navigates life after divorce and is thrust into the middle of the publicity relationship between actors Julian Baker and Caitlin Jones. A synopsis of the story from its page is below:

Olivia Black hates her husband; she means EX-husband, that no good jerk that ceremoniously dumped her in favor of his new, “blonde fitness-instructor-by-day-serious-actress-by-never-going-to-happen.” To nurse her wounds, she sets off on a French adventure just in time to make new friends and envelope herself in the middle of the chaotic relationship of actor Julian Baker and his expressionless girlfriend-slash-co-star Caitlin Jones. What starts as a no-strings-attachment turns into a lesson on a lot of things, namely, trust, love and lust, but most importantly what to do when your life is suddenly amplified for the whole world to devour.

Enjoy Not Like the Movies when it is released in paperback and Kindle e-book form in June 2013. Preview the first few chapters on the page right NOW! Thank you for your interest!

image from: mormonshare.com


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